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About Dr. Francis PT, DPT

Hi, I’m Dr. Francis, an aspiring inspirational leader and entrepreneur (frustrated comedian too..haha!) envisioning to empower aspiring and seasoned leaders to live and lead their best life today while making an impact in work and life globally by God’s amazing grace all while having fun!

During my 15 (and counting) years of leadership, I had lead different school, social, ministry and business leaders find their true “calling”, train them to develop other leaders and promote a contagious influence to family, work and business. I’m married to my beautiful and dedicated wife, Em, and proud father of two energetic kids, Jof and Sheena.

My goal to my clients is to empower them by “Living well, Leading well and Earning well!” Sounds exciting…haha! I’m not your typical leader/coach that will just show you the “ropes”, but to climb the rope with you as your success and achievement is my success and achievement.

Are you ready to jump?!

Career Coaching


Discover your niche by providing standardized assessments to know what you love to do (when nothing is impossible… haha!) while listening to your dreams and aspirations. Be guided if what baby steps are needed to be done to get you from “here to there”. As what I’ve learned in my book of life, “You dream BIG but start Small!”. You have a unique purpose in this world and your purpose costs higher than your paycheck! =)

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Business/Leadership Coaching


With the knowledge I have gained in starting 1st Shepherd Therapy and Healthcare Staffing, I would like to empower aspiring business entrepreneurs to get started and journey with them in launching their healthcare business on the side or full-time without breaking the bank! Yes, I started my company with a small capital with no business loans! Whoah! =). Marketing strategies, scaling your biz, digital marketing and alike are all in my tool box!

(disclosure: I’m not a handyman, lol!)

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Podcast Guesting


Wanna chat in your podcast or online show?! I’m available except when I’m busy saving the world, joke! (check my schedule ofcourse! =)) Leadership combined with Health/Wellness talks are my game! Let’s drop the mic together! I’m a believer that our voices can change the world and help someone improve the trajectory of their life for the better. What you see in me is what you get and my energy is not coffee-driven but love-driven.

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Guest Speaking (Live or Online)

$299/30 mins talk

I can be a guest speaker at your webinars, social events, marketing events, etc. Bring your happy face and your positive energy coz you will leave the event inspired even more and motivated to face the world. To see a sample of my talk, click here

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Podcast Coaching


Dreaming of becoming an influencer and get your message out there or use your message to market your business or vice versa? I had launched my podcast “Lead+Well” with the goal of helping leaders escape the 9 to 5pm “rat race” by doing what they love to do while influence more leaders down the road. How did I start it? It’s easy! I’m not tech savvy myself, stutters a lot and scared at public speaking too. Allow me to guide you the way you want your podcast to reach! Check out “Lead+Well” here

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Wellness Coaching


With 15 years experience as a Physical Therapist, I can provide exercise programs, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, work-life balance techniques, etc. and just to be your friendly neighborhood PT ready to keep you focused on achieving productivity and continuous motivation for your dreams and aspirations in life. And remember, achieving wellness is active, needs an investment (of time, money and energy) and involves accountability to make it a reality.

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Be a Guest to my Live podcast Lead+Well

$149/1 hour show

The show is being broadcasted on major social media platforms (both audio and video) across the whole world while inspiring people and marketing your brand. Social Media is the best tool to advertise in this generation and say goodbye to expensive billboards, mom and pops old cable channels and trees that are being killed for wasting flyers in the mail! Makes sense, right? If you are still in Friendster and myspace, I’m not there anymore! If you’re using Noah’s Bird services as an email… oh boy! Haha.

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What I Value:
  • L - Leave behind regrets and past mistakes
  • E - Expect great blessings and opportunities today
  • A - Apply what you have learned today
  • D - Develop other aspiring leaders like you
  • W - Workout your “BIG WHY”
  • E - Exercise a healthy habit daily
  • L - Love your effort (work)
  • L - Laugh hard and lift a lot of gratitude


  • 1997- Elementary Class Valedictorian of Our Lady of Assumption College- Laguna, Philippines
  • 2001- High School Class Valedictorian of Our Lady of Assumption College- Laguna, Philippines
  • 2006- Clinical and Academic Excellence Awardee as a Student Physical Therapist (Bachelor’s Degree) at UPH-Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University- Philippines
  • 2007- Physical Therapist Licensed in the Philippines
  • 2011 to Present - Physical Therapist/Rehab Director Licensed in the US currently practicing in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas-USA
  • 2020 to Present- President and Lead Physical Therapist of 1st Shepherd Therapy and Healthcare Staffing, LLC- Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas-USA
  • 2021- Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy Graduate of Utica College- Utica, New York-USA
  • 2021- Podcaster/Influencer/Public Speaker of “Lead+Well” available in different social media platforms (FB live, You Tube, Spotify, etc.)
  • 2022- Certified Professional Life Coach graduated from the International Association of Professions (IAP) Career College- Miami, FL

Most importantly, a Jesus-follower, grateful husband and a loving father of our home!

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